Great to be Back On the Marvin B

Finally feeling settled into my Winter nest here in LA. Temps in the mid 60-70 range. Plenty of rain this year but still more than enough sunshine in between for me to ride the <a href=””>Marvin</a>

More motorized devices of all sorts yet people still manage to share the path. The Venice Beach section remains the most problematic as well as the most congested. Many serious Freds are willing to brave Highway 1 at the North end and take other similar alternatives to the Marvin in order ride at an effective training pace. In fact, I’ve seen riders paralleling the route on regular roads all along the Trail. The bicycle friendly signs and signals in LA are the best I’ve experienced to date.
Venice Beach is also the curviest section of Trail and for some reason always a bit sandy. Maintenance crews keep most sections free of blowing sands very much like we snowplow in Buffalo. In fact, whipping sands are probably the very worst you can expect in the way of bad weather. Like Buffalo, I constantly see people riding shirtless on even extremely cool days.
Venice also has the most attractions/distractions/destinations and bike crashes than any other section. Despite a wide pedestrian walkway, foot traffic is heavy. As are motorized devices, toddlers, and almost everything else. Yesterday I saw a woman on a bike with her dog leash between her teeth taking a selfie with her free hand.
I dragged my Flevo Racer out here deciding that I would finally learn to ride it.  The front wheel almost under the seat which makes the wheelbase very short and twitchy.  Rode it the other day in some traffic, not without some difficulty:
Time to ride…



El Segundo

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