My Current Prototype

I have been envisioning a motorized version of this concept for several years:

Without an engineering background or a lot of discretionary $, I have decided to simply beg for assistance.
Here is my latest:November 24, 2016 at 11:16 am –

I want to build this bike. It is the perfect evolution of the front wheel drive

I have enjoyed my older entry level Sofride for several years now.


The frame has been stretched in order to accommodate the Xtra Cycle rack system and a true 135mm rear hub.
This configuration provides the rider with superior vision of surroundings, the ability to stop with both feet on the ground, and the additional safety of never going over the handlebars in a collision. Not to mention the most FUN of anything you ever experienced on two wheels. The lightness of the rear wheel almost begs for an electric hub which I suspect will reduce the learning curve for new riders.
This bike rides very much like a motorcycle only with half of the wind resistance. Accordingly, it has the pulling power of a small locomotive on fairly level surfaces. Adding the electric hub will enable its rider to crush hills and/or pull heavier loads.
Since the frame is already articulated with the bottom bracket, turning radius is nimble, and the next step beyond the long missile shaped traditional Velo mobiles.
I’m ready to order a rear hub motor. Any suggestions?

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