Cycling is my passion!  It is also my meditation.  I rely on the rolling/balancing process as an active learning experience where I am free to clear my mind and body.  I’ve become better at this over the years.  This is where I attempt to share a bit of what I have learned with others.

I am also a Certified NYS Counselor with tons of experience at listening and Experiential Learning.  If you are currently stuck somewhere along your “inner road” and require some assistance, I can offer a confidential source for feedback and personal goal setting.  All sessions are conducted while riding or walking.

As a former Project Adventure Trainer, I also do pretty mean Teambuilding for small groups.  Bicycles not required.  We play games and sit on the floor instead.

For large groups and organizations, I can coordinate an effective Search Conference.  I stole this technique from the Kurt Hann Leadership School at North Carolina Outward Bound.  Bicycles not required.  Some movement and stretching only.