Free Confidential Counseling.

I can help you with almost any type of personal issue. If I cannot help, I will find someone who can.  If you are experiencing an emergency of any sort, call your local 911 number. Total confidentiality is always our policy.

Although my New York State certification qualifies me to work in public schools, my training, and experience includes team building,  group processing, and corporate search conferences.

I have a B.S. degree in Secondary Teacher Education, an M.S. in Ed. in School Counseling, as well as a [C.A.S.] in Counseling specializing in Experiential Learning.

My extended education includes Gestalt training at the Esalen Institute in California and Adventure Based Counseling trainer certification with Project Adventure. Inc.
I have also completed Wilderness First Responder and Group Leadership workshops with North Carolina Outward Bound.

And, maybe even more importantly, I’ve been around for a fuckin’ long time and this has given me the opportunity to become my own best counseling resource. I believe that an effective counselor is simply the more experienced client.

In order to experience this, together we will sign a Full Value Contract very similar to Project Adventure.


I will share a variety of self-processing tools that I have found most effective.   In addition, I will design specific problem-solving exercises designed to stretch you beyond your perceived limitations. As our trust in each other grows, we will move forward to overcome obstacles together and share responsibility for all results.

An effective counselor’s goal is to put him/herself out of business.  I believe the best way to carry out this task is to “teach” my clients to become their own best counselor.

I most situations witnessing you meet your goals is all the payment required.  Although we haven’t incorporated as a non-profit at this point in our development, it remains our primary goal, and we continue to work as one.

In the event that you would like to thank us in some other way, we like to barter for skills and equipment which help us evolve.

If you are fortunate enough have earned more than enough financial success and would like to make a monetary contribution, we highly recommend Heritage Christian Services where one of our founding angels currently resides…

John Campbell