Riding Higher

I like to ride my bike stoned. [Medical Edibles only]  Yeah, I just said that. With more than 50+ years of cycling experience, it’s time that I finally came out of the closet.  I love the feeling of freedom that traveling noiselessly along country roads with two gyroscopic wheels spinning between your legs can offer. Greeting each new moment face first and instantaneously releasing it for the next. Matching my breath and peddling cadence until the process becomes so automatic that I now longer need to think about riding. My mind empties and floats away to fly and play among the clouds.
Riding and breathing become one. The road disappears beneath me and I no longer know where bike ends and rider begins. Finally, the rider and the observer are both given over to the moment and both disappear.
This wonderful sense of oneness/nothingness struck me hard the very first time I turned my Huffy left at the end our driveway and sailed down the paved road.
I can get high just riding a bike. Any kind of bike. So, why would I want to taint this wonderful experience with “drugs” [plants] you may ask.
Simple, I like to travel higher to stretch the experience and more deeply probe the depths of the mind-body relationship.
I believe that altered states of consciousness and bicycle riding have a very natural affinity for each other. Albert Hoffman hopping on his bike following a healthy dose of LSD was no accident in my opinion.