Free Confidential Counseling.

I can help you with almost any type of personal issue. If I cannot help, I will find someone who can.  If you are experiencing an emergency of any sort, call your local 911 number. Total confidentiality is always our policy.

Although my New York State certification qualifies me to work in public schools, my training, and experience includes team building,  group processing, and corporate search conferences.

I have a B.S. degree in Secondary Teacher Education, an M.S. in Ed. in School Counseling, as well as a [C.A.S.] in Counseling specializing in Experiential Learning.

My extended education includes Gestalt training at the Esalen Institute in California and Adventure Based Counseling trainer certification with Project Adventure. Inc.
I have also completed Wilderness First Responder and Group Leadership workshops with North Carolina Outward Bound.

And, maybe even more importantly, I’ve been around for a fuckin’ long time and this has given me the opportunity to become my own best counseling resource. I believe that an effective counselor is simply the more experienced client.

In order to experience this, together we will sign a Full Value Contract very similar to Project Adventure.


I will share a variety of self-processing tools that I have found most effective.   In addition, I will design specific problem-solving exercises designed to stretch you beyond your perceived limitations. As our trust in each other grows, we will move forward to overcome obstacles together and share responsibility for all results.

An effective counselor’s goal is to put him/herself out of business.  I believe the best way to carry out this task is to “teach” my clients to become their own best counselor.

I most situations witnessing you meet your goals is all the payment required.  Although we haven’t incorporated as a non-profit at this point in our development, it remains our primary goal, and we continue to work as one.

In the event that you would like to thank us in some other way, we like to barter for skills and equipment which help us evolve.

If you are fortunate enough have earned more than enough financial success and would like to make a monetary contribution, we highly recommend Heritage Christian Services where one of our founding angels currently resides…

John Campbell

More Marvin Braude – March Madness

The cool winter weather continues to offer wonderful sailing along the Marvin B. I came up limping following five Full Marvin’s, almost 250 miles, within seven days. Riding is intoxicating.
Decided to cut my mileage in half, mix in some walking and cross-train a bit. I walked my bike along this sandy part of the beach in front of the power on way to Redondo. Shot this video on return trip north from the path itself:

Thanks for the visit!

A little taste of the Marvin Braude – South End

Settling in a bit here in LA. Mid 60 F most days but every once in a while we hit 70. I’ve stuck with my gravel configuration out here and so far it has worked well for urban riding also.
This is my current cold weather kit and set up for the beach.Really lovin’ this Chrome hoodie!

Shot this during a cooldown after wheel sucking some club riders into Redondo from Segundo:

Thanks for viewing!
Ride safe, but RIDE!

My Current Prototype

I have been envisioning a motorized version of this concept for several years:

Without an engineering background or a lot of discretionary $, I have decided to simply beg for assistance.
Here is my latest:November 24, 2016 at 11:16 am –

I want to build this bike. It is the perfect evolution of the front wheel drive

I have enjoyed my older entry level Sofride for several years now.


The frame has been stretched in order to accommodate the Xtra Cycle rack system and a true 135mm rear hub.
This configuration provides the rider with superior vision of surroundings, the ability to stop with both feet on the ground, and the additional safety of never going over the handlebars in a collision. Not to mention the most FUN of anything you ever experienced on two wheels. The lightness of the rear wheel almost begs for an electric hub which I suspect will reduce the learning curve for new riders.
This bike rides very much like a motorcycle only with half of the wind resistance. Accordingly, it has the pulling power of a small locomotive on fairly level surfaces. Adding the electric hub will enable its rider to crush hills and/or pull heavier loads.
Since the frame is already articulated with the bottom bracket, turning radius is nimble, and the next step beyond the long missile shaped traditional Velo mobiles.
I’m ready to order a rear hub motor. Any suggestions?

Marvin Braude Bike Trail- LA BABY!

Spending a few months away from Moonshadow Lodge during the traditionally coldest months to Lasouthbaybiketrail MARVIN BRAUDE BIKE TRAIL MAPget some outdoor cycling time.  Discovered this trail was close by and decided to explore my new neighborhood.  BIG FUN!  Over 20 miles of paved , maintained, patrolled, sandy, sun-filled beach trail.   Drink as much coffee as you can hold because there are plenty of restrooms.  Bring along your surf/skate board, roller blades, trike, recumbent, electric bike or even your velomobile.  This is mainly a bike trail but it is also shared with PEDS and some times these peds are pushing baby strollers, running, walking, texting/picture-taking, guiding elderly grandparents, sucking face, talking to God or smoking some sweet bud.  Throw in a toddler racing blindly  across your path at any moment and you have all the ingredients for a video-game-type of bike maneuvering.  Although a centerline exists one is constantly forced into oncoming traffic to avoid something or someone.  Added to this eclectic list of participants the “serious” riders that are time trialing,  group riding,  or simple shooting for a personal best and the games  begins.

Helmet are optional and I elected to go with my fishing hat lined with a bandana for added UV protection.  However, apparently the entire North American coastline is currently being saturated with radioactive debris from the Fukushima  Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown.  Tide pools are devoid of the small microorganisms  and the lack of green plant life makes the rocks appear clean.  None of this seems to bother the surfing population all along the trail especially in the El Segundo area.

El Segundo
El Segundo


Marina Del Ray is the only area where the trail meanders away from the sand shoreline to a paved bike path which leads them around the Harbor. This geographic feature  also acts as a natural dividing line between two very different riding experiences. Although the hard-core continue to use the entire length of the trail, casual riders might want to consider exploring the southern section on its own.

A few weeks later…

My time in LA comes to a close soon. I hoped to share a more detailed description of this great trail, however this riding experience is just so much fun, writing about it takes a back seat.  Many times I wanted  to stop pedaling,  dig my iPhone out of its plastic baggie and capture  more photos.   However the decision to just keep moving along and enjoying the moment always  won out.

Therefore, let me just mention some highlights that you may want to look for.

Will Rogers State Park at the Northern most point of the trail is a welcome respite from the busier sections of Santa Monica and Venice. Clean, new restrooms.

South of Del Ray, the beaches are much more open and path traffic thins perceptibly .  The cities of Hermosa and Redondo  both have  excellent parallel  bike-only trails with tons of signage and working bike traffic signals.  Road lanes are often devoted  to bicycles and pavement signs direct bicycles to “take the entire lane”!  Drivers expect to see riders and I met no disrespectful drivers during my two month stay.

Captain Kidd’s Fish Market,  near Redondo,  has fresh, local fish.   Our swordfish stakes were great.  We also found excellent dinning at the Bluewater Marina restaurant.

Because I usually entered the path at the 11.25 mile mark, Torrence Beach was my natural turn around and break point. The 00.00 mile marker is found here and it’s a convenient t place to meet other riders.  The surf is always pounding and beckoning to the  beautiful beaches south of LA.

In summary, this entire trail is a joy to ride with something for everyone.  If your used to dodging trucks and side view mirrors on your daily route/commute, this place will grow a BIG smile on your face immediately.  Although motorized electric/gas engine bikes are not permitted,  I saw many  of them.  Clearly, this added power is unnecessary as the entire 22+ miles is basically flat.   Perhaps these restrictions are enforced more  thoroughly in the summer months.

However maybe they aren’t.  Everyone on the trail seems to have the more laid back, Best Coast, attitude of live and let live.  It suggests the famous Star Wars bar scene with its super charged diversity.  Everyone gets along and is willing to give you your “space”.

If you enjoy riding  in your own space and giving [all] others theirs, you will love the Marvin Braude… You Tube Video

Additional Google Images

 returns to moonoaks

To say that 2014 was a big year for Moonshadow would be an understatement. Life-changing comes a little closer to describing the whitetail deer attack on my Honda Shadow on June 7, 2014, that shattered my ankle and sprayed more of my blood than I ever care to witness again all over County Rd# 32. Of course, one could explain it as karma for all the deer hunting I’ve done around here for the past 33 years. Luckily I was drinking so there really wasn’t much real pain when they loaded me into the Mercy Flight helicopter. Just lots and lots of red stuff.


Well, to make a long story short, this experience awakened a profound realization for me that life REALLY can end at any moment.  Recently I learned that there was a term for what I had experienced, PTSG.  Post-Traumatic Stress Growth.

The Official Website for

Several years ago I decided to use web design as a templet for organizing my goals and aspirations.  Since then this site has undergone several significant transformations.  The most recent of which has been a transition to Word Press design and publishing.  Unfortunately this move did not allow a direct importing  of earlier activities and fragments of this evolution may still appear on searches.

Marly is a family name and Marley is the name of my eleven year old yellow labrador retriever.  She and I spent many wonderful hours together on the beaches of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

Marley Girl Close Up
Marley Girl Close Up


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